4 Adorable Pregnancy Announcements for the Family

Finding out about a new baby is incredibly exciting, and the excitement is only going to increase with each family member who is already awaiting the news. Staging the perfect announcement to hopeful partners, grandparents, aunts, and uncles is nearly as important as the birth of the child itself; after all, it is the very moment that family becomes aware of the sweet new life that will soon join the family!

Big Brother/Sister Announcements

For families that already have a child or a pet, sibling announcements are a fun go-to. Siblings and pets could wear matching “big brother” or “big sister” shirts at a family event, a reveal party, or for a subtle candid family photo to upload on Facebook. Once someone catches on, the shock and excitement will spread like wildfire; be ready for social media accounts to buzz with excitement! This could also be done with chalkboards and ultrasounds as well!

Surprise Ultrasounds

Since most women wait to announce their pregnancies until the second trimester, chances are high that the woman already has ultrasound images in hand. A high resolution ultrasound image can be copied and given as a gift, slipped into a card, or presented by the proud older siblings. Many pregnancy announcements involve the very first ultrasound that the mother receives.

Photography Sessions

Announcement photography is a beautiful way to capture the magical experience of being pregnant with one’s partner, children, and pets. These beautiful keepsakes might involve due dates, cute poses, ultrasound images, siblings touching their mother’s belly, baby shoes, “third” items for newly expecting couples (such as a third game controller, third pillow, third table setting), and much more. Capturing the budding family’s excitement is a beautiful way to share the joy.

Holiday Announcements

Holidays are popular times to make pregnancy announcements. During the holidays, most families come together to spend quality time during the year’s biggest celebrations. This makes holidays the perfect time to let the cat out of the bag. It’s an easy way to get the entire family together without requiring an ulterior motive. Try hosting a cute surprise announcement when the entire family is all ears!

Announcing a pregnancy is a very special event to an expecting couple, and it can require a lot of thought. The best rule of thumb is to keep very quiet with all friends and family until the big reveal. Otherwise, an overly excited family member might accidentally spill the beans!