The Importance of Proper Hydration for Healthy Skin

Your skin is an organ like any other. And, as such, it needs proper nutrition, generally in the form of hydration, to remain healthy. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of proper hydration for healthy skin. We’ll also discuss how you can achieve optimal hydration as well.

Drink a Lot of Hydrating Fluids

Your body is mostly made of water, and this includes your skin. In fact, a sign of dehydration is that your skin has lost significant elasticity. Even if you’re not medically dehydrated, your skin will be dry, prone to cracking and infection if you aren’t properly hydrated. So, drink the eight glasses a day of water that doctors recommend, and increase the amount of water you drink to offset dehydrating beverages like coffee and soda. This has the side benefit of reducing issues like shedding of flaky skin, helping it look youthful.

Minimize Water Loss

Your body’s hydration level is the result of two things – the water you take in and the water that you lose. It is common to have dehydrated skin because you’re wrapped up in too many layers in the winter. The skin loses moisture in sweat that is absorbed by clothing, and then you wonder why your feet and hands are dry and chapped. The solution is proper layering. In the summer, this issue can be caused by being out in the sun without protecting layers or shade. You know your skin is getting dehydrated when it feels tight and flaky.


As we age, our skin becomes thin and less able to retain moisture. This is why older adults are prone to dry skin. Younger adults can suffer dry skin due to dehydration, heat exposure or medical conditions. The best solution is to properly moisturise the skin.

Humectants are moisturisers that bond water to the outermost layer of skin and carry it to the inner layers. Emollients make the skin feel soft; they remain on the skin’s surface but reduce flaking while lubricating areas.

Occlusives reduce the loss of moisture through the skin. These ingredients were once thought to cause pimples, but this isn’t necessarily true. The real issue is which ingredients simply protect the skin from drying out versus those that clog your pores or trigger allergic reactions that can be mistaken for acne. Sometimes we don’t know exactly what is causing the breakouts or we have trouble finding moisturisers that lack the triggers.

Fortunately, companies like Ninni offer personalised skin care products you can formulate yourself. You can combine the different types of moisturisers to create a skin care solution that is right for your body, without adding anything you don’t want or need.

Note that even those with acne should consider moisturising. When the skin is naturally dry, it cannot shed the sebum and oils that clog your pores, which triggers acne. And moisturising can help minimise the redness that often accompanies breakouts.


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Healthy Life

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