Zika Virus Still Active

Zika Virus Still Active

Posted By on Jul 28, 2016

Following the recent events in Brazil and some parts of Africa, scientist is still finding new ways to suppress the effects of Zika virus. There are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding the virus symptoms and how the virus is spreading. They did not reveal anything new about the virus although it is still active and the actual number of infected is still a mystery. It is known that approximately 1.5 million people are infected with this virus that causes microcephaly, that is affecting the growth of the brain in babies.

Unanswered question.

The press is releasing information regarding the virus that they think is the most important but there are still a lot of questions that remain without an answer.

The public is concerned also by the inaccurate numbers of infected, where some countries state that only 500 thousand are infected, other say that more than 1 million people are registered with symptoms of Zika virus.

Can it be sexually transmitted?

The scientist still disagrees with the idea the virus can be sexually transmitted although there were several examples to prove that it actually is possible. The mosquito that carries the virus can bite several people over one night if the virus would prove to be sexually transmitted It would make matters much worse. This could double the number of infected in only a couple of months, as the statistics show.

Who is affected?

The studies show that around 80 percent of people that are bitten by the mosquito carrying the virus, don’t have the symptoms at once. So we can only suspect that the other 20 percent are immune. Why and how is this possible remains a mystery still, but scientists believe that the answer for a cure lies in this 20 percent.

How dangerous is it?

The virus is believed to cause microcephaly. The studies still have to prove that this is the case, but the leading opinion is that it does affect the brain growth in newborn babies. The numbers are still not accurate, and scientist is still not 100 percent positive that every infected person’s child will be affected this way.

For now, we know that one from every 100 babies are having difficulties with brain growth. Other studies show that it happens once in 1000 cases so there is no accurate information about it.

The virus was first seen in Asia before it spread to Africa and eventually noticed in Brazil. A portion of the population in Africa may be immune to the virus, due to the longevity of existence of the virus in these parts. Asia is a high population country also so there are immune people in it as well. I will take some time to determine the birthplace of the virus but scientists still state that it is central Africa due to the climate. The climate that mosquitos prefer is perfect there so this location has the biggest chances to be the place of origin. For now, there are no vaccines produces to act as an antidote.

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