Does My Education Degree Qualify Me to Be a Corporate Trainer?

An education degree does indeed give you the qualifications to be a corporate trainer. A corporate trainer usually starts out with a four-year bachelor’s degree without any specialization. A degree in education will give you the relevant expertise and knowledge or completing an HND online course on corporate training will help you succeed in this capacity. The following information will guide you in your journey of becoming a corporate trainer, with an overview of the main responsibilities of the job, the steps that you need to take, compensation levels, and employment forecast.

What Are the Key Responsibilities of a Corporate Trainer?

Corporate trainers are educators in an organizational setting. Another title for them is training and development specialists. They create courses and training programs for employees just starting out with the company as well as for their continued training. They review the curriculum content, measure its effectiveness, and make any necessary changes. The training specialists might use sets of courses that they create themselves, or they might evaluate commercially available courses and select the ones that best suit their company’s requirements. Other critical responsibilities are collaborating with people in the managerial level and carrying out administrative functions. The corporate trainer can work as an employee of just one organization, or be a contractor who is hired by different companies. In this capacity, the trainer goes to different organizations to create customized training programs that will fit their needs. Since many training programs are now designed and executed in an online format, experience in information and education technology will be highly desirable in the eyes of the hiring managers.

What Are the Education and Experience Requirements of a Corporate Trainer?

This career typically requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in education. This degree helps the individual develop skills that are relevant in both a classroom and a business environment. These skills include designing curricula, learning approaches in teaching, evaluation, and effective communication. A degree in business, human resources, psychology, training and development, or communication is also helpful. Getting professional credentials from national organizations in training and development will also be an asset, though not required. Employers usually require work experience before hiring someone to be a full-time corporate trainer. After entry into the field, as more experience is gained, the individual can move up to the managerial level if desired.

The expertise of a corporate trainer focuses on helping organizational employees develop their skills necessary for their jobs, like communication. So, a background in liberal arts can be relevant. After staying on the job for several years, certification can be sought.

Corporate trainers sometimes need to teach new technology to employees. Therefore, education and courses in information systems are also very desirable. Because of the increasing cultural diversity in the modern workplace, skills in foreign languages can facilitate communication with the trainees. Writing skills can be improved by taking courses in English. Training specialists with a background in liberal arts should have skills in teaching one-on-one as well as in groups, curriculum development, and assessment of training outcome.

What Is the Forecast for the Compensation and Employment for This Career?

The typical annual salary of a corporate trainer is about £41,000. Those who earn the most come from the science and research industry, with finance, education, administrative services, and health care following close behind. This field is projected to grow around 15 percent by the year 2022, which translates to about 35,400 new positions. Compared to the growth rate of other fields, the field of corporate training is growing much faster, which is ideal for people who desire more job stability.

A career in corporate training is a good fit for people who are friendly, who love to teach and who like to work with people. If you have a degree in education and are looking for options in potential careers, a career as a corporate trainer will be ideal for you.