Dress Professionally for the Lab

Inside of a lab or at a doctor’s office, it’s often required to wear a lab coat. Unfortunately, not all lab coats are comfortable, especially when you’re taller or shorter than the average person. As such, it’s important to find tailored lab coats that offer professionalism and comfort.


The first thing to look at is the material that the lab coat is made out of. While most are made out of polyester, you can also find cotton blends. Stretch jersey material is becoming more common, too, because of its absorbency. It can also be a quick-dry material that you don’t have to iron, making it easier to wash the lab coat and head out the door every morning.


The size of the lab coat matters, especially as it pertains to height. While you want to make sure that it is able to button across the bust, be sure that the lab coat isn’t too short or too long based on your height. This is when you will want to look at the size guide as you shop. You can be sure that it falls above the knee but covers most of your thigh. If it’s too long, it will look as though you’re wearing someone else’s lab coat. If it’s too short, it will look as though you have outgrown it.

Style Additions

A variety of styles can be found, allowing you to look professional while adding some character to the lab coat. The lapel may have a few different shapes that you can choose from, determining how it will lie around the neck. You can also find lab coats that don’t have a collar, allowing you to go with a bolder choice that is non-traditional.

You have the ability to look professional in the lab while making sure you’re comfortable. Take the time to explore your options.