Easy Tips to Winterize Your Boat after Summer

Posted By Teresa McLane on Sep 28, 2016 |


So, you had great fun during summer sailing with your family on your boat. But, winter is coming and you need to prepare your boat accordingly. Do you know the right way to winterize your boat after a full summer sail? If you do not, then keep reading because the steps are really easy and you will not require any additional help. Here are some of the best tips to follow.

1. Keeping a full tank

First things first, the boat should have a full tank. However, you must see that there is some space left for the tank to expand. Empty tanks can clog easily and create corrosion. You should also use fuel stabilizer as and when required. It would be best to follow the instructions on the user manual.

2. Clean everything

Cleaning the boat inside out is one of the biggest tasks in winterizing your boat. You can use the Yamalube brand 2 stroke oil to get rid of rusts and corrosions easily. Rusts form when you do not wipe the water from your boat. It would also be a good idea to get a dehumidifier installed so that it can absorb the moisture.

483068_3994778111334_1424724918_n3. Protect the engine

The most important part of your boat and you should pay special attention while winterizing it. Keep the engine running for a few minutes so that it warms up. This is the ideal time to change the oil because it helps to drain all the impurities from the oil. You can also change the oil filters during this time. Since you will not be using the boat for quite a long time, it would be wise to spray fogging oil in the cylinder and carburetor. This will prevent the engine from corrosion and would not expose the valves and pistons to air that can lead to rust.

4. Protecting the propeller

The ideal time to check the propeller is when the boat is not in use. So, you have to do it before finally winterizing your boat. Nicked propeller blades here and there can reduce the performance of the boat and it can lead to further wear and tear. Propellers can be replaced easily and they do not cost a fortune.

These are some of the most important tips that will help you to prep up your boat for winter after one last outing. So, hurry up and get it done because you would want a smooth summer sail again with your family.