How to Brush Off the Negative Comments About Homeschooling Your Kids

When you make the decision to homeschool your kids, you might notice the amount of naysayers that come through in your life. You know, the ones that always have something negative, or just plain hateful, to say. Acquaintances might even feel the need to throw in their two cents—but you shouldn’t let these negatives get you down.


Join a Club or Weekly Meetings for Homeschool Parents

Surround yourself with homeschool-positive people and make new friends with the same education goals for their kids. Homeschoolers are probably abundant in your community, so do some research into clubs, weekly meetings, or even online support groups for homeschool parents.


If You Get Bad Vibes, Simply Avoid Talking to Those People

Bad vibes can put you in bad moods and make you second-guess your decisions; ergo, you should simply avoid interacting with these kinds of rude people. You could also look into stress support supplements to take with your daily multi-vitamins. These supplements could help you better handle the stresses of a big decision and the unsolicited advice from people that disagree.


Or, Explain Your Stance to Naysayer Loved Ones

When the naysayer is a loved one, you should first explain your stance and reasoning behind a homeschool decision. Then ask that person, politely, to respect your views by avoiding the negative comments because they do absolutely nothing to change your opinion.

Understand that Homeschooling is a Personal Decision, So Outside Opinions are Nil and Void

Homeschooling, like parenting, is a subjective and personal experience that varies from one person to another. Therefore, when it comes right down to the basics, everyone else’s opinion is nil, void, and unnecessary. Unless that person has a direct effect on the lives of you and your children, then you should write off negative comments as simply that. No good comes from dwelling on the naysayers.

You have your reasons for homeschooling your child, and that should be enough for the people in your life. Therefore, when you meet someone with something negative to say, brush it off.