Keeping Mom Safe

If you are your Mom or Dad’s main caregiver, you have a huge responsibility. Chances are you have never had to take care of an elderly person before, and because it is your parent, you want to give them the best care possible. Your first responsibility is to make sure they are in a situation that suits their needs.

Living at Home

As long as your parent is in fairly good health, they should be able to remain in their own home for as long as they wish. To keep them safe, install an emergency alert system that includes a button they can push if a medical emergency arises. Have them wear a digital medical ID bracelet like those from Universal Medical Data so first responders are aware of any medical conditions.

Assisted Living

Assisted living apartments are a wonderful option when home feels a little risky but your mom or dads isn’t quite ready for a nursing facility. Residents are given their freedom and privacy, but can rest assured knowing that there is medical help close by if they need it. Housekeeping, laundry, meals, and other household duties are done for them. Many also offer planned activities and other programs to keep residents active.

Nursing Facilities

Once your parent’s health has declined to a point where they need around the clock care, you will have to move them into a nursing facility. These homes have nurses and doctors on duty that will take care of their medical needs while the staff will prepare meals, do laundry, and help them with dressing and grooming. Some facilities even offer transportation to appointments.

Your parent’s doctor can help you determine exactly which type of living arrangement is best for them, but don’t ignore your gut feeling. The professionals may say they are fine living at home, but they are only looking at things from a medical stand point. You know your parent best. Choose the situation that you think will best suit their personality.