Preparing Home Cooked Foods For Your Cat

I have been making home cooked foods for poodle in malaysia, and he loves it. Sure, once in a while there is an ingredient that he does not like and will not eat it. I am sure you do the same with your food. All of us have foods that we do not like.

Have you considered preparing home cooked foods for your cat?

Kind of Maltese in malaysia is the reasons that I started cooking for my cat was to solve the skin problems he was having. With the help of a pet store clerk, it was brought to my attention that my cat may be allergic to the bran on the rice. I tried her suggestion by switching to corn, and she was correct. This was another turning point for me to take a closer look at ingredients in commercially prepared cat food malaysia.

When I started researching preparing home cooked foods for my cat, there was a lot of mixed opinions or hardcore beliefs as to why you should feed your cat with one method and not another. Some people strongly believe that pet food should be raw, cooked, or commercially prepared.

As you think about these different belief systems, there is a cause for confusion as you try to provide your pet with good food and nutrition. Because I had my doubts, I moved carefully and served small portions noting changes occurring in my cat. Whatever foods made him better I made a point of including it in his meals. His skin problems and allergies are gone.

Much is said about raw food, and at first, I was squeamish about this. However, I did feed him human grade muscle meats and continue to do so because it corrected the plaque build up around his teeth. So, I guess there may be the truth that the bacterium which is produced in the body of the cat when fed raw meat produces certain bacteria which are beneficial to their teeth. Bad breath is also gone.

After cutting up human grade muscle meat, I do freeze it. In my research, it was indicated that freezing raw met kills harmful bacteria. When you feed your pet, use clean utensils; do not use your fingers to handle his meat. This may cause harmful bacteria contamination from you to your pet or from your pet to you.

There is a lot of fuss about feeding grains. A cat will chase and kill another animal for food, but he will not pursue a corn cob for the fare. I did a lot of research about grains because many of our commercial pet foods have a large number of grains in their product formula. The majority of research says that when the grains are properly cooked, they are easily digested and tolerated by our pets.

I have spoken with my local vet about the food changes that were made and how my cat has improved. His meals contain one-third raw meat, one third cooked food, and one-third commercial dry pet food. My vet said it was okay to do this.

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