Super Supplements and Prenatal Vitamins For Your Unborn Child

Pregnancy nutrition

When I was expecting my first child, the first thing my gynecologist prescribed was a bottle of tiny yellow tablets called folic acid. It was my first introduction to prenatal vitamins.

What prenatal vitamins should pregnant women take?

Folic acid

Folic acid has been found to be beneficial for an unborn baby’s development. In fact, if you are planning to have a baby, you should start taking folic acid right away, to maximize your chances of conception and your baby’s chances of being conceived in the best possible environment and to develop whole and healthy.

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Besides folic acid, an expectant woman should increase her intake of calcium. Calcium absorption, so essential for strong bones and joints, decreases after the age of 35. As more of us marry later and have children in our late 30s and 40s, this can become a time of great strain on our aging bodies. A good daily calcium supplement can strengthen and protect bones and teeth and replenish lost supplement stores once breastfeeding begins in earnest.


Omega-3 is good for the brain and heart and can also help you feel better. Pregnancy hormones can make some women teary and prone to depression, so this is a good supplement to consider.

Omega-3 is obtainable from marine (fish) and plant sources (flaxseed). For pregnant women, you want to be particularly careful about the source of your Omega-3 fish oil supplement. Eating too much fish from polluted waters can put you at risk of ingesting harmful mercury or PCB toxins.

If you are concerned about unknowingly consuming toxins from fish sources, a good alternative is organic flaxseed oil that is fresh pressed, dated for freshness and air delivered days (not a year) after being made.

Super supplements

There are two types of supplements not often discussed as part of the daily vitamin supplements regime for pregnant women, but which are just as necessary for the overall health of mother and child.

I am referring to immune system supplements and malaysia drinking age no limits.

Immune system supplements help to strengthen the body’s natural defense system, which can become vulnerable to attack by toxins, infections and viruses. Toxins are present in our environment: our air, water, food, even the personal body care products we use daily contain toxic chemicals that over time drain us of health and vitality. We can’t completely eradicate toxins from our lives, but there are ways we can minimize our chemical exposure and neutralize the effect they have on our bodies.

One way to protect ourselves from the effects of harmful chemicals is to choose certified organic personal body care products. These have been independently audited by reputable third party organizations and their claims of being 100% natural and chemical-free can safely be relied on.

Another way is to take a good quality immune system supplement. Immune system supplements are rich in antioxidant super foods like acai berry, soy beans, flaxseed, olive, chickpeas, lentils, mung beans, spirulina and wheat grass. Antioxidants are the best weapon in fighting the damage to our cells caused by the free radicals which are responsible for aging, inflammation and DNA damage which can result in cancer.

Probiotic supplements are indispensable to pregnant women, and I wish I had known this when I had my babies.

Think of all the things you are prone to when pregnant. Constipation. Indigestion. Yeast infections and candida.

A good probiotic supplement malaysia contains beneficial bacteria that helps to replenish and increase the supply of good bacteria in our gut, and restore the balance of good and bad bacteria in our bodies.

Synthetic antibiotics, caffeine, over-the-counter medication, food additives, food coloring and preservatives in food, all add an extra burden to our organs: a chemical burden. This is why we need probiotics. A good probiotics Malaysia helps to detoxify our bodies and keeps diseases at bay. A healthy colon is the best weapon to flush out unwanted toxins and prevent them from slowly poisoning us from the inside.

When buying a probiotic supplement, choose one that is certified organic so that you are guaranteed of its quality. Probotic supplements come in capsules, powder form and as probiotic liquid. For those who find capsules hard to swallow, a liquid probiotic is a good option as it is easy to absorb and can be mixed with your favorite drink.

Last word on prenatal vitamins

As more companies bring to market super supplements, certified organic supplements, affordable supplements, staying healthy throughout pregnancy has never been easier. Buy the best nutritional supplements you can afford and give yourself and your child the best possible future.