The Best New Women Athleticwear Brands

The fashionable fitness clothing industry has taken off in recent months, with more people wanting stylish gym wear – not just practical. Women are looking for athleticwear they can wear in and out of the gym, perfect for keeping up with their busy schedules. Here are some of the best new women athleticwear brands:

  • Lululemon

Often regarded as one of the best-known sportswear brands, Lululemon have gone global like no other yoga-inspired store. They have everything a budding yoga fitness woman needs from leggings to comfortable sports bras. Lululemon pride themselves on the fit and functionality of their stylish clothing.

  • Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices have created a collection for the modern working women to slip comfortable into from the gym to the school run. The designs are simple yet sophisticated, providing the perfect balance between workout clothing and cosy loungewear.

  • Les Girls Les Boys

Originally a womens designer underwear brand, Les Girls Les Boys have expanded their range with comfortable two-pieces and hoodies. Their clothing is chic and stylish, created with every woman in mind. You can just as easily wear their pieces out and about as you can in the gym, which is what makes them so versatile.

  • Fabletics

Fabletics was co-founded by the actress Kate Hudson and has become one of the leading brands for fashionable women’s sportswear. Their gorgeous yet affordable clothing is available as a one-off purchase, or as a suspcription basis where you get discounts and offers.

  • Varley

Varley is a brand created in London inspired by the LA lifestyle. Their pieces are both unique in print and design, a collection that would make you stand out from the crowd. If athleticwear isn’t your thing, they also have a skincare line for damaging effects of the environment.

  • No Ka’oi

No Ka’oi is an Italian brand inspired by Hawaiian design, namely bold patterns, exotic prints and amazing combinations. This is definitely the type of clothing you could wear out and about; much too pretty to just be worn in the gym.

  • Oysho

Oysho was originally set up as a womens sleepwear brand before evolving into a loungewear brand. They specialise in pyjamas, gym wear and loungewear at affordable prices. Their comfortable gym leggings and workout tops are perfect for getting your sweat on.

Which Will You Try?

There are many brands available in you need to update your sportswear wardrobe; aside from the giants of Adidas and Nike. So, set yourself apart from the rest in these unique brands that create clothing that looks just as good out of the gym.