Lip Fillers: Everything You Need To Know About Injecting Your Lips

While lip fillers are safe, they are not without risk. Before you decide to fill your lips, you should schedule a consultation with an experienced medical professional. They provide answers and consult you regarding what procedures provide the results you want. You want your physician to be board certified in plastic surgery or dermatology. If it is your first time receiving lip fillers, here are some helpful tips to get you through the process with your best face forward.

Inform your doctor of your complete medical history

Do you have a history of cold sores? How about allergic reactions to injections? Your doctor needs to know about these things before introducing a foreign substance into your body. If you get cold sores, lip injections may cause an outbreak. However, you can prevent this by popping a Valtrex before the procedure.

Bring a photo for reference

Just like how your hairdresser cannot make you look like Jennifer Aniston if you have naturally curly locks, your dermatologist cannot mimic the exact shape of a celebrity’s lips on your face. However, if you bring in a photo, your dermatologist works with you to develop an injection pattern to create a realistic look that you want.

Identify your medications and supplements

Certain supplements and medications thin the blood, leading to complications for lip injections. These pills include everyday over-the-counter products like Ginkgo Biloba, Aspirin, fish oil and vitamin E supplements. You must avoid these substances for two weeks before your appointment.

Pain is avoidable

Doctors often lace modern injectables with anaesthesia that helps relieve pain as the procedure goes. Your doctor may also numb your lips with an intra-oral block. While the lips are the most sensitive part of the face, the procedure becomes easier as it goes. The more experience your dermatologist has regarding injectables, the fewer needle sticks they make. Therefore, the better the doctor, the less pain.

What you see isn’t necessarily what you get.

Lip injections administered at London Cosmetic Clinic – Gold Coast & Southport provide immediate results. However, what you see in the mirror that day is not necessarily what your lips will look like going forward. In fact, your lips will typically look puffier than the finished result due to the swelling caused by injections.

Typically, the swelling goes down in one or two days. Plan your appointment on a Friday or when you have a couple of free days after the injections. Do not get injections the day before a big presentation or photo shoot. While you wait for the swelling to dissipate, apply ice compresses to speed up the process. Rarely, some patients develop extreme swelling that requires medication. In that case, visit a doctor immediately.

Results are not permanent.

One of the main reasons that lip fillers are as popular as they are is because they are only a temporary commitment; generally lasting around three months to a year. However, results depend on the materials used and how your body reacts. The Results are dependent on what is used to fill. Lip fillers like Juvederm and Volbella last longer than others.

FDA-approved hyaluronic fillers are the best option.

Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body, so it’s the safest option. HA fillers also leave lips soft and natural looking. On the other hand, fillers with silicone or other permanent fillers pose risks of serious reactions.