Reduse Reuse Recycle

We live in a world where many of the products we depend on are built with a kind of “built-in obsolescence.” The idea is that many of the items we need to deal with our life on a practical basis aren’t really made to last, which is unfortunate. The attitude today is that once something wears out, it’s really not worth taking the trouble to repair it. The attitude is, don’t fix it, just toss it and get a new one. It’s an unfortunate situation on some levels, as this creates a kind of “throw away society,” where many of the things we need are seen as dispensable.

The Value of Repairing and Recycling

There is another trend that is coming back and growing stronger in our commercial society, however, and that is the trend towards repairing useful products for reuse, and recycling parts of products that are no longer usable. This is a positive trend in many ways, as it reduces waste and trash, which is great for our environment and our overall society.

Some companies that specialize in repairing certain products, like hand pieces and tools for medical and dental procedures, are becoming more and more in demand. There are companies that specialize in retooling and repairing products like surgical scalpels, and that also offer endoscope repair services for dental offices. These services, carried out by skilled technicians who specialize in knowing what is required in order to get technical tools up and running and in good order, are extremely valuable. These services can save a clinic a great deal of money, as these types of tools are very expensive to buy new. These savings can then be passed on to patients, so the savings are win-win the whole way.

These days, businesses that are really in the know are getting smart about how they spend their money, and about realizing that repairing and recycling products is good for their companies, and good for society in general.