The Benefits of Adult Foster Care

Seniors are living longer these days. Instead of losing their health and vitality, they are remaining active and enjoying some of the best years of their lives. If your adult parents are adamant about maintaining their independence and freedom, but they are experiencing mobility issues or need some help with their daily activities, it may be time for you to consider an adult foster care service Massachusetts. Here are some of the benefits that foster care offers older adults.

Allows Them to Age in Place

Foster care does not necessarily mean they have to give up their home. If their additional needs are minimal, they may benefit from having a caregiver come into their home to assist them. Many seniors prefer to age in place at home because they are surrounded by a lifetime of memories. Also, they may have pets and loved ones they want to continue living with.

Increases Social Interaction

Many seniors become isolated as they grow older. Some also engage in fewer physical and social activities. Foster care can occur in a different setting, such as in assisted living and retirement homes. People who receive caregiving services while in those environments have more opportunities to socialize with others and participate in activities that keep them from becoming lonely. Socialization helps to prevent cognitive function decline and mood disorders.

Helps to Preserve Independence

Older individuals who receive foster care services are able to live life on their terms. Caregivers enable them to overcome their challenges so they can continue to do many of the activities they previously enjoyed before their need for daily assistance. Fewer restrictions mean better moods, outcomes and an increase in life expectancy.

Many seniors do not welcome talks of foster and assisted living care initially. This is usually because they are not aware of the benefits. If it is time to have the talk with your adult relative, don’t focus on the changes. Stress the benefits to help them understand how good the can be for them.